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Chassidus Perspective

Are We Divorced?

For a divorce to take hold, the woman must obtain the get outside of the husband’s property. How is it ever possible to find oneself outside of Hashem’s territory when His presence is everywhere?

We must remain aware that the ‘messenger’ isn’t actually responsible for our state of exile, and that the gentiles' spiritual source is actually aware that Hashem alone is responsible for our fate.

Consolation and Mercy

If Hashem only related to us through chochma, we’d live in a flawless world, but that would just be G-dliness overruling our world’s properties. Dira b’tachtonim requires an initiative on our end, on our own terms.

Precisely because bina is overly occupied with sechel’s intricacies, the fact that everything has a counterpoint means that erring is likely. This is why there’s also a need for chochma, to be able to break through earthly limitations.

Hiskashrus Today: Part 2

Even if you can’t be a shliach for 24 hours a day, be a shliach for some amount of time. But you must be a real shliach during that time.

Everyone must take upon himself to do mivtzoim, to work on various things like spreading chassidus or spreading yiddishkeit… No matter what your job is, you must know that you’re a soldier, there’s no ‘I have no energy today’.

It’s not our business to think about the things that Hashem does, and to offer explanations for them; our job is to know one thing, “yotzei l’milchemes beis dovid”, to enter the Rebbe’s army, and that’s all.

Questions often come from a lack of knowledge. If we’d learn the maamorim with the sichos we have from the Rebbe, and especially if we’d learn the igros kodesh which the Rebbe wrote, then we can see the Rebbe’s approach to various things from those letters.

It’s not really a matter of quantity, it could even be ten minutes, but those ten minutes must be done right. Learn something of the Rebbe’s Torah every day.


Hiskashrus Today: Part 1

The majority of the young generation is excited about learning another sicha and another maamar… It’s the adults that come and confuse them with questions.

If we can speak of how a simple Jew is watching and is interested in seeing how his home is doing, how much more so that a tzadik, and especially a shepherd of Israel, is completely involved in what’s happening with the sheep of his flock.

How does one Jew care about all of these things? The answer is: The head, the soul, gives everything, and the head feels everything that’s happening in every limb, and that’s what matters to it.

Conduct Does Matter

Ahavas Yisroel isn’t an acceptance of the person’s behavior. The Rebbe did tell the fellow that he loves him as a Yid, and invited him to celebrate his birthday together through learning Torah and doing mitzvos.”


What is Torah?

“The giving of the Torah was a revelation of Hashem, while creating the world was an act of constriction and descent on His part; the point in giving the Torah is that this world becomes a place where Hashem Himself comfortable.”

A Commitment Beyond Understanding

“We drink another cup, and say l’chaim again, we make another resolution to increase our Torah and mitzvos, more of Baruch Mordechai, and that aveiros should be even more unthinkable, more Arur Haman.”

Making the Inspiration Last

We need to do something ourselves, and when we do, we become a vessel. When we become a vessel, then it has an effect, but if we feel inspired yet do nothing ourselves, then it just peters out.

“You should offer your korbon," we all have to bring ourselves closer, and when we do that, that’s the best advice on how to get the Heavenly inspiration to last.

Automatic Business

The business is not an intermediary. The business has no authority. The entire concept is that it so rose in Hashem’s will, for whatever reason, that livelihood should come through business.

Different in Everything

A Yid strives to find ways to derive greater pleasure from Torah, more enjoyment in mitzvos, and since one competes with the other, he rejoices that he will have less worldly pleasure.

Moshe’s Hidden Name

We do not begin to understand how dearly a true Jewish leader cherishes every single Jew.

When Moshe heard that his existence is what enabled Hashem to consider the possibility of destroying the Jews, he said, “Erase my name!”

Serving the Eibershter Irrationally

If he wants to connect to the Eibershter, Who is beyond worldly limitations, he must conduct himself likewise: Calculations are irrelevant. When the current challenge relates to studying Torah or doing a mitzva, no limits stand in his way.

Learning Torah Like a Yid

When a Yid studies Torah, he's not merely collecting another piece of information. Every word of Torah that a Yid learns makes him more eidl: it refines him and upgrades his connection with the Eibershter, with something that is utterly higher than his understanding. For a Yid, this is not a difficulty. This is his pnimiyus, his innermost essence, and this is his chayus, the source of his vitality.

Cultivating Our Connection with the Rebbe

Reb Yoel Kahn, known to his thousands of students as “Reb Yoel,” serves as the head mashpia at the Central Tomchei Temimim Yeshivah in 770. For over forty years he served as the chief ‘chozer’ (transcriber) of all the Rebbe’s sichos and ma’amorim. He is also the editor-in-chief of Sefer HoErchim Chabad, an encyclopedia of Chabad Chassidus.