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Multimedia for sale

Building the Beis Hamikdosh

Price: $13 plus S&H
Gigantic Model of the Beis Hamikdosh with step by step narration by Mr. Shimon Frankel.

Chassideshe Chinuch

Price: DVD $12, MP3 $10, plus S&H
Prominent mechanchim speak on "How Do I Give My Children a Chassidishe Chinuch?". Featuring Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier, Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz and Rabbi Shmuel Lew.

Yom Iyun For Chof Daled Teves

Price: DVD $16, MP3 $10, plus S&H
A day of learning the works of the Alter Rebbe. Featuring Rabbonim and Mashpiim; Yoel Kahn, Eliyahu Matusoff, Yonasan Reinitz, Nochum Greenwald, Yekusiel Farkash, Sholom Ber Levin, Nosson Gurary, Pinchus Korf and Gedalyah Oberlander.

Raising the Kedusha

Price: $10 plus S&H
Evening of inspiration entitled, "Raising the Kedusha in our Homes" Elul of 5771. The event focused primarily on the dangers of the internet, with practical suggestions and methods of combating its perilous allures.

Pride and Dignity

Price: $10 plus S&H
An inspirational CD with lectures from 29 respected rabbonim and teachers, as well as 30 sichos from the Rebbe on the subject of tznius.

Building a Home of Yiras Shamayim and Halacha

Price: $10 plus S&H
An evening L'iluy Nishmas Rabbi Yitzchok Zirkind ע"ה