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Dear Merkaz Anash friend,

Around five years ago we saw a need for increased awareness of the values that we stand for. We set out to prepare a publication that would provide insight, inspiration, and meaningful messages. The Lmaan Yishmeu weekly was born. It has now become a staple at thousands of Shabbos tables and shul tables around the globe.

Next, we set out to prepare a forum that would provide solutions to common concerns and fresh insight on contemporary challenges, in chinuch, community, and chassidishe living in the modern world. After several independent booklets,  it grew into Perspectives magazine, a quarterly digest which continues to present full length interviews, farbrengens and thought provoking articles. All the while, we organized several major community events, a weekly webcast and transcripted dvar Torah with Reb Yoel Kahn, and published a much needed book.

We cannot continue without you.

We look forward to continuing what we are doing, and not to mention, increase it IY”H. Our budget is entirely supported by you, the reader. So please, make your reason for reading your reason for supporting.

Please consider joining our sustaining membership drive, with a recurring $5 or $10 monthly pledge, or you might consider a one time donation of $18, $50 or $100.

Rabbi Shimon Hellinger

Where Your Donation Goes

Content: Research, editing, design, printing.
Tens of hours are invested in building databases, checking for accuracy and putting it all to paper, and we do it all at a fraction of the cost of other publications.

People: Staff, network.
This is what makes Merkaz Anash truly special. We rely on a very small core of part time employees, while the rest is in the power of a worldwide network of Merkaz Anash community, who have been inspired to print and distribute Lmaan Yishmeu and our other work, to their shuls, schools, and community centers. We also make our content readily available to anyone who wishes to include it in curriculum, reprint it in other magazines or use it in any fashion that furthers our goal: to educate and inspire. This makes your donation an investment to the center of a highly efficient not for profit organization.